Landside Technologies

Part of increasing efficiency and reducing carbon foot-print for each well is to ensure that all support and accessary functions are optimized. Eureka Mellon provides equipment and services to rig equipment and logistics. All Landside technologies are Unique and best-in-class, offering a true value-added service to operators worldwide, minimizing NPT and enhancing HSE.

TubeLock® (Unique tubular handling)

Not all systems are created equal. Global Gravity invented the world’s first Tubular Transport Running System (TTRS), TubeLock® – a system used not just for transport but for handling pipes and tubulars right up until they go into the well.
Commitment to safety on a global scale. Using the TubeLock® system reduces CO2 emissions, as handling time is significantly reduced, meaning less polluting operational time for both cranes and supply vessels. On backload, the system is packed neatly, taking up less space on the supply vessels, again meaning less polluting trips back and forth.
Worldwide operations with TubeLock® has shown that significant timesavings are obtained and supply vessels utilization can be dramatically reduced

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